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                              • Block Ice Machine

                            Brine refrigeration block ice machine

                            block ice machine is JIANGSU ZENIYA main products,if you need block ice machine,Welcome to contact us JIANGSU ZENIYA block ice machine manufacturer.

                            First, fully feed the ice bucket with water, press the button and start the refrigeration system. The agitator makes the water flow cyclically which will have a heat transfer with the refrigerant inside the Ti evaporative coils and then the temperature is lowered. Then the low temperature brine water has a heat transfer with the water inside the ice bucket which will be lowered to 0oC below. After a certain ice making time, the water in the ice bucket all becomes ice when the ice thawing system is beginning to run. The crane will hoist a row of buckets down into the ice thaw tank full of running warm water. So the temperature of bucket will be rising when the ice surface thaws and gets separated from ice bucket. Then ice buckets will be hoisted to the ice can dump. Fix buckets and then rotate dump upside down and ice is dropped down. Put up the buckets and refill water to a certain level using water feeding gadget, then the crane will hoist the buckets back to the brine water tank and hoist another row of ice buckets in the brine water tank. Thaw ice, drop ice and add water cyclically.

                            block ice machine Equipment features

                            Ti pipe is used as evaporative coil to improve the heat transfer effect, and its stainlessness, anti-corrosion can guarantee the long service time.

                            The stainless PE parts between the brine and the fresh water is proper to mode and weld. And it works very well in a cold condition.

                            the particular design of ice thawing tank and ice dumping unit bring easier operation.

                            The thawing tank is heated by hot gas discharged from the compressor so that it is more energy saving and suitable for low water temperature area.

                            Modular and integrated design ensures it is easy to ship, move and install on the spot.

                            Every brine refrigeration block ice machine can be customized according to our clients' requirements.

                            The brine refrigeration block ice machine can be containerized: 6 T/day ice production in a 20' container and 12.5T/day ice production in a 40' container.

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